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Know where your visitors come from

The keywords that caused our visitors to find us via Google are hidden by Google Analytics and summarized as «(not provided)». TrafficAnalysis reveals a large part of these keywords. In order to do so, Traffic Analysis receives data from Google Webmaster Tools and from the crawling services SEMRush and Searchmetrics, so you can still see where your visitors come from.



Detailed analysis of your rankings

But that's not all: TrafficAnalysis examines the data with help from SECockpit and RankTracker and shows you how often each keyword is searched for on Google and what ranking you currently have. You are able to tell at a glance which keywords have the greatest potential. This allows you to optimize them immediately and with minimal effort to get even more organic traffic.

Examine your competition and win new customers

TrafficAnalysis brings to light valuable data even if you don’t have access to Google Analytics or Webmaster Tools. On one hand, this allows you to examine the rankings of your competitors, on the other hand, you can perform analyzes for potential and existing customers where you have no access to their Google account.

In other words: Thanks to TrafficAnalysis you know exactly through which keywords you get visitors, how much potential those keywords contain, and how much work the optimization for these keywords will cost you.



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